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Chris Brophy, 5ft 10ins tall, blue eyes, shaved head (not bald, thank you!) … an entrepreneur living in Manchester, United Kingdom. Blogger, presenter, tutor, music composer and producer, gadget owner and former fat man on a fitness journey.




Music (house, cheesy tunes, 80’s, rock, drum and bass and lots more including oldies!) gadgets, lifting weights, horror / action / thriller movies, Apple (the people who make iPhones, not the fruit because I hate that!) flying, blogging, vlogging, radio and TV presenting, technology, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Dragons’ Den, The Apprentice, 3D movies, piloting drones, the music industry, making music, designing and developing websites, teaching, learning, telling awful jokes, keeping fit, working with numbers and money (hence my recent accountancy qualifications!) working out every day, taking ten minutes in the shower, leaving dishes to soak for much longer than is necessary, being super organised, being punctual, public speaking, inspiring others and making people feel good.




Don’t wanna go there. This is a positive website! Oh. Go on then, just a few… I hate apples, bananas, popcorn, door-to-door salespeople, people who don’t like you and then pretend that they don’t look at your social media profile (those same people are probably reading this now 🙂 …. where was I? Oh yes, heavy traffic, cleaning hair off the vacuum cleaner and listing things I hate.




I wanted to blog about my fitness journey and considered doing a “big reveal” where I simply showed before and after photos and talked about how I achieved massive weight loss. After giving it more thought, I felt that doing this was a little big-headed, a little “look at how hunky I am now”. So I decided to launch the site as early on in my fitness journey as possible so people could see what I was going through every single step of the way.

I saw that there were a large number of websites set up by ‘fitness experts’, yet very few by people like me who admitted they were obese and wanted to share every detail of their fitness journey. I’ve never claimed to be an expert on the subject and I’m learning every day, but I want to share stories about what I’m doing and what works for me. It has never been my intention to set up a website solely about me. It is also about making my readers, viewers and listeners feel good about themselves, hence why I bring you tips as well as updates on my fitness journey. This is also done by ensuring my articles meet a number of criteria:

    • Inspiration – I share my life’s highs and at times reveal some extremely personal information regarding the low points in my life. It’s not all doom and gloom though. I talk about how I’ve rebuilt my life afterwards and gone on to succeed in achieving my life goals.


    • Motivation – I ensure articles make readers believe that if I can do it, they can do it … whatever that may be! I always aim to make readers feel that they can achieve their goals, whether they’re personal or business related and this is done through posting ‘feel-good’ material that gets readers moving!


    • Confidence – Through delivering positive content and making readers feel like they can achieve their goals, I am able to make them feel more confident in all areas of their lives. This, in turn, boosts their self-esteem, improves self-belief and their quality of life overall.


    • Laughter – I try to insert humour into posts where it makes sense to do so. What’s better than having a good old laugh eh? Don’t get me wrong, I can be serious and there are many posts where I’ll have to calm down the comedian in me, but I like to be the real me as much possible when writing posts and adding humour is often the best way of making people feel good.


Tap Here For 20 Fascinating Non-Fitness Facts About Me
 I’m a graduate of Manchester’s School of Sound Recording and have a recording career that has spanned 27 years.

I have worked all over America as a remixer and record producer, releasing 67 records for 30 record labels and selling over half a million units worldwide. This placed my work in 114 charts around America; 11 of which were number one hit singles and 39 top ten hits. That’s a lot of stats I know!

I’m also the remixer of a Billboard number one hit single in America. “I Love I Love” spent 15 weeks in the chart, beating Sting, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and even Elvis.

I have also remixed a Grammy-nominated record, in the Best Dance Recording category.

In total, I have worked at over 20 recording studios around the world in places such as Manchester, London, Philadelphia, Miami, New York, San Francisco & Los Angeles.

I hosted a radio show live from Hollywood, California and it was beamed to a station in New Zealand before being streamed to 75 stations internationally. For many years, my show attracted an average global monthly audience of 2.2 million listeners.

I’ve been involved in the radio industry for over 20 years, working in a variety of roles such as press officer, voice over artist, presenter and producer at commercial radio stations Kiss 102 & Galaxy 102.

I have won awards such as Best International Radio Show 2005 at the Web Radio Awards and was three times runner-up at the BT Digital Music Awards.

In 2001, I co-founded my local community radio station (and was the Station Manager until 2013). I was responsible for managing and motivating 150 volunteers, running 4 studios, finding £80k a year in funding and managing all other day-to-day tasks such as publicity, recruitment, licensing and finance. I helped make it a multi award-winning radio station, which more recently won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (basically, an MBE!)

I have qualifications in accounting. Yes, I’m pretty good with numbers, bookkeeping, self-employment, VAT and making the tax man happy. I also have teaching qualifications, a life coach diploma and a Level 3 as Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer. So … quite a packed resume.

As a teacher / trainer, I have devised and delivered top media courses held at the BBC in London. I’ve also trained thousands of local people who have gone on to secure jobs at MediaCityUK, CBBC, ITV, XFM, Key 103, Five Live, Capital FM, Virgin Radio and BBC Radio Manchester to name just a few.

 I have also run my own radio and TV presenting academy which trained 2000 people in 2014, and some of my clients included stars of Britain’s Got Talent and even Olympic gold medalists.

As a tutor/mentor/consultant, I have also worked with people from a broad range of backgrounds including the unemployed, the homeless, young offenders, older people and youths.

I was co-founder of the world’s first virtual music industry academy and secured hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding to run music and media projects around the country from lottery grants, to support from Comic Relief and BBC Children in Need.

I have developed and sold my own apps on the Apple App Store.

 When I started on my fitness journey, I was 16 stone and 7 pounds (231lbs).

I went to school in Salford, United Kingdom and grew up with Manchester Utd footballer Ryan Giggs.

I once danced on stage with The Prodigy. It was over two decades ago and I was drunk!

 I once flew a plane over Liverpool and North Wales and have also flown a helicopter over my home town of Salford. I have a new fascination with UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle), which is posh talk for a drone.

 I love blogging, vlogging, podcasting… and bullet points, clearly!


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