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Part 25: Celebrating 1 Year of Weight Loss

Chris Brophy celebrating one year of fitness

I finally made it! I am one year old today. Well, not really but I am celebrating 1 year of weight loss.

The past twelve months have been enjoyable, emotional, challenging, painful, tearful, breathtaking, rewarding and whole load of other emotions. That’s what happens when you change your life for the better and begin on a fitness journey. You start as an overweight or obese person used to eating junk and avoiding exercise to suddenly living the life of healthy person, lifting weights, eating salads and talking like you’re the fittest person in the street.

Jumbo maltesersBefore I embarked on my fitness journey, I was a junk food loving & chocolate scoffing fat man. And when I say chocolate scoffing, I really do mean it too. I would down “share size” bags of chocolate made for three people every single night.  I was also addicted to coke (as in cola not cocaine…I’ve never done drugs) and would drink most of a 2 litre bottle every day. Salads and cereals were things I’d heard of but never touched and water didn’t interest me.

In just one month (a couple of years ago), I spent £100 on fast food alone. Nandos, McDonald’s, Subway you name it; I went there. I was also the sort of guy who whilst filling my car up with diesel would pick up 2 or 3 bars of chocolate at the petrol station. That’s around 12 bars a month! It’s fair to say I had a sweet tooth.

Over the past year I’ve tried a number of different forms of exercise but it was HIIT – high intensity interval training that got my attention and I’ve stuck with it ever since. That’s what’s really important when you’re on a fitness journey; you need to find something that you’ll really enjoy doing, otherwise you won’t stick at it. It’s not instantly obvious though, so like me you may have to try different forms of exercise in order to figure out what’s right for you. I tried street running, going to the gym and even a treadmill at home but none of those interested me, so when I discovered HIIT I knew I’d found the one! You can read about that from Part two of my fitness journey.

Chris Brophy suited

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been working out for a year though. It’s gone really quick. There have been many highs and then there were the lows, such as when I accidentally overdosed on these awful supplements which were sent to me by a PR firm in London. That’s something I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. I wrote about my horrid experience in another blog post… see link above.

One thing that I’ve been grateful for is my Bluetooth scales. They are special scales that give me a breakdown of my entire body composition such as body water, fat, muscle, bone and so on. Without these I don’t think I’d have been able to track each “component” shall we call them and make adjustments where necessary I blogged about my scales in this article. So having scales in the house has been a good thing for me. Some people don’t like to weigh themselves and I don’t particularly understand why anybody trying to lose weight would do that. It doesn’t make any sense. Regular bathroom scales are pointless as you don’t know how much of that “weight” is muscle gain or fat loss for example. So if you have a standard set of scales, I’d say ditch them right now and grab a decent pair of Bluetooth ones that sync with your mobile phone and display full statistics. You won’t pay more than £40 really for a good pair off Amazon.

I’m no longer the person who avoids horrid chores like gardening. I now think about the calories I’d burn by doing the lawns and usually it’s around 2000 calories. Even cleaning the hot tub and adding the chemicals burns calories as does vacuuming the stairs at home. Recently I took an exam in the city and had to park my car 5 floors up in the car park. Many people would take the lift down, but I didn’t mind the walk down and up later on. Again it’s exercise and I think of the end goal which is losing weight whenever my mind starts to think of the “effort” involved.

Chris Brophy one year into fitnessI was at Salford University earlier this year and they had a sign at the bottom of each staircase advising students on how many calories they’d burn by walking each flight of stairs. Clever sign! I walked several floors rather than wait for the tiny lift to arrive which already had a large queue forming. It’s amazing how there are so many ways we can exercise yet we avoid it without really giving it much thought, such as walking to the supermarket for a couple of small bags of groceries or mowing the lawn.

One of the hardest parts of losing weight was staying focused. There were days when I literally couldn’t find the energy to get up and put on my training clothes.  There were days when I just wasn’t in a good mood at all, but I just forced myself to get moving and told myself to focus on the end goal which was to shed all of this fat and get toned.

I’ve written a few articles regarding motivation which you may find interesting if you’re on a weight loss journey, or considering starting on one. Have a look through my tips section here. I’m always available to chat to if you’re like I was a year ago, looking to change my life and fight fit. Thank you so much for all of your support and please do drop me a line if you have any comments by emailing me or messaging below in the comments section. I would love you to share this as my other articles using the social icons below.

A look at my old 2XL clothes

When I started on my fitness journey I wore clothes which were XXL in size. Now, I’m a medium! Take a look at what happened when I found my old 2XL clothes in the cupboard today…

Thanks for Ellie for making the video.

The 25-second workout

Two months into my fitness journey in October 16, I set my camera to record a 25-minute workout. However, I had it accidentally set to time-lapse mode which essentially plays back at super fast speed. So, here is the result of that workout video….a 25 second version at slapstick comedy speed. I think I’m ready for the Olympics don’t you?

Let’s look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ stats

  • Weight: from 231lbs to 179.6lbs (that’s 104kg to 81kg or 16 stone 7 pounds to 12 stone 11 pounds). That’s a loss of over 50 pounds (23kg or three and a half stone).
  • Chest: from 44″ to 38.8″, meaning a loss of almost 6 inches off my chest.
  • Waist: from 45″ to 36″, equating to a loss of 9 inches from around the waist
  • Neck: from 18.5″ to 15.8″, is a loss of almost 3 inches from around the neck area.
  • BMI: from 33.1 to 25.8 is a reduction of around 8 (obese to slightly overweight).
  • Body Fat: from 17.1% to 14.4%, is a reduction in my body fat by 2.7%.
  • Muscle Mass: from 130lbs to 140.2lbs, meaning over 10lbs of muscle gain, although I did gain more during this period and have now lost it for various reasons.
  • Visceral Fat Rating: 19 to 12, is a reduction by 7.
  • Body Water: from 52.7% to 55.7% is an increase by 3%, which is ideal.


Progress images by month

So what’s next?

Well, I have around 7 pounds of fat to shift before I reach my target weight, so I will continue on this fun, challenging and rewarding fitness journey until I have achieved that. I have started to make my own healthy meals also, and will share those recipes with you shortly. I hope my articles continue to be inspirational and interesting and thank you for finding the time to visit my site.

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