Drink Beer, Lose Weight


Great news for lovers of beer; drink beer, lose weight. Well it’s not quite as straight forward as that. In fact, drink loads of it and you’ll actually end up fat. It’s one of the reasons I ended up with a belly the size of a space hopper!
The problem with drinking beer is that it provides you with a ton of calories without satisfying your hunger. It is what they refer to as empty calories, which means that it provides you with virtually zero nutrients, and, as it’s in liquid form it doesn’t fill you up as much plus you’ll drink those calories quite fast too.

Now you know why they recommend you eat meat and vegetables… they provide you with fewer calories, they fill you up and of course it’s good for you.

How many times have we been out and drank several pints of beer and then ended up eating junk food late at night right afterwards? It’s the norm where I’m from! So with drinking comes junk food eating…and smoking…and bad decisions…and embarrassing situations etcetera. Been there done that.

Beer can also affect your sleep. Sure you get tired quickly and you’ll probably sleep through a tornado if you got absolutely hammered on your favourite lager (unless you make regular toilet visits in the night)…but in general it leaves you feeling absolutely rotten then next day. So whether you’re working, studying or planning a workout the next day, there are loads of reasons to avoid regular high-calorie beers.

Oh and one other thing, a lack of quality sleep has been linked to weight gain and muscles loss, something I talked about here in this article. So there we go; lots of negatives as to why you shouldn’t drink alcohol…booooo!


It has been suggested that those looking to lose weight should try zero-alcohol versions rather than opting for fizzy drinks because they are usually lower in calories and you’ll still get that beer buzz you love! There can be around half of the calories you’d find in regular beer in the non-alcoholic versions, so clearly, the latter is a good choice.
So go for low or no calorie beers, reduce your calorie intake and still get that beer taste that you’ve grown to love over the years.

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