My 10 Tips on Finding Motivation

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Many people tell me about how they lack motivation, and you know what, I lack it too at times. You can’t be motivated all of the time, it’s impossible. Whether we feel up to going to work, getting out of bed or exercising is down to a number of factors such as mood and your general health, but there are ways to assist in finding the motivation to get up and achieve whatever it is you’re trying to do.

Have One Goal

Now, I’m probably the worst for this. Having this idea, that idea, wanting to try this, try that, go here, go there. Having too much going on in your life literally sucks every bit of energy out of you. It’s about keeping focused, and that’s not easy to do if you’ve got two, three or more things going on in your life. This is why I hate multi-tasking. It’s stupid. I’d rather finish one thing and focus 100% on it, than have a few things going on and take two or three times as long to finish it and then do an average job of it!  So have one goal, one focus, one expected outcome.

Feel Good About It

It’s true that if your heart isn’t really in it, then you won’t want to do whatever it is, and trust me; you actually won’t do it. Smokers do this, and I was one of them until several years ago. My heart wasn’t really into quitting, so I didn’t have the motivation to get the help I needed. You’ve got to feel excited about whatever it is, be happy to do it and want to see results. In fact, I’d go as far as saying you should be thinking of the end goal too… so…

Think of The End Goal

Well, I kind of just mentioned it already. One way of getting us off our butts and doing what we want to do (but lack the motivation), is to think about the outcome. Think about the end goal. For example, the thought of pounding away on the treadmill for half an hour bores the pants off me, but the thought of losing some body fat makes me feel more excited and will ultimately make me feel like I’ve achieved something. So think about what you want to achieve rather than how you’re going to achieve it, initially anyway.

Think About It Often

You should be thinking about your task/goal often. If you’re not giving it much thought, then are you really that interested in it? It’s like me with health and fitness… it’s the first thing I’m thinking of when I wake up; I need to weigh myself, what will I eat for breakfast today and lunch. Do I need to prepare anything for dinner and have I got anything going on around the times I want to eat. If I don’t think about these things and plan accordingly then I shouldn’t too shocked when I don’t achieve X, Y or Z. Think about it, think about what you want to do when to do it and how to do it.

Find Inspiration

It’s often hard to find motivation if you’ve not got somebody who you admire for achieving their goal.  Is there somebody you know who has achieved something similar to what you’re aiming for? … then following what they’ve done or what they’re doing to hit their goal, in order to help you achieve yours. Read success stories and let them inspire you. This will lead to you wanting to get up and give it a go yourself, no matter how bad you feel some days. Remember, inspiration is one of the things I am here for!

Make It Public

Once you’ve started something, get it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and build a following, because you’re more likely to get up and see it through to the end if you know people are watching and spurring you on, which leads me nicely to..

Get Support

It’s virtually impossible to do it on your own. If you’ve not got the support and encouragement of those closest to you, it’s very hard to want to get off your backside and do it. Maybe your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, mum or dad don’t talk to positively about what you like to do, or maybe they don’t talk about it all or change the subject when you bring it up? I know a lot about that with some people! It hurts, deflates you and makes you feel like you’re wasting your time. Turn to friends or work colleagues then. We all need support and a pat on the back from time to time.

Accept That There’ll Be Ups and Downs

No matter what you set out to do, there’ll be good days and bad days. Trust me, there are days when I feel like I can’t be bothered doing something because of low mood, but I snap myself out of it by keeping in mind all of the tips here. You need to understand that you’ll get bad days as well as good, so don’t be too hard on yourself for skipping a day or putting something off once. It’s not the end of the world. But if you do this all the time then it can become a problem. Personally, I get days where I’m “not bothered” but I actually push myself and just do it regardless of how I’m feeling. You can’t give up, you’ve come this far. Giving up makes all the hard work you’ve put in so far a complete waste of time. You’ll get bad days, so accept it, but think of the end goal and make sure you back on to it first thing tomorrow if for some reason you absolutely cannot do it today.

Small Steps

Sometimes it’s impossible to achieve our goals in one step, in fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s virtually impossible. Taking small achievable steps will help you keep the motivation and help you reach the goal easier and reduce the chances of you finding it too hard and quitting. If you set a small goal and achieve it, then you’re more likely to want to continue and build upon that existing success. When making a plan, think of it as a multi-step process and figure out what those steps will be; make your goals SMART…

Are Your Goals SMART?

SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely. There are different variations of that around the world, such as Attainable instead of Achievable, but it all means the same thing. Whenever you set a goal make sure it meets the SMART criteria. For example; “to lose 30lbs, exercising every morning before work at 7am, losing 2lb of body fat each week and using a fitness diary to log achievements over a 6 month period”. In that example, I’m being very “specific” with what I want to achieve; I’ve not just said, “lose weight in 6 months”!  It’s “measurable” because I’m using a fitness diary to monitor progress. I feel that it’s “achievable” too, because waking up and doing my exercise before going to work is the only time I can workout, and 2lbs of fat loss is “realistic” too. If I’d have said 7lbs, I’d be setting an unrealistic goal. The “timely” element of that is fairly obvious, but it’s realistic to want to achieve those results in a 6-month timeframe.

… and one bonus point

Think Positively

If you don’t think positively about what you want to achieve and about the good it will do you, then you’re not likely to feel motivated at any point. Don’t let any negative thoughts get in the way at all. Have one plan, one goal, one outcome and know that YOU CAN DO IT!


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