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Part 18: Happy Easter… Now Stop The Excuses!

Nothing is impossible

chok a blok easter eggHappy Easter to you! I hope that’s not a calorie busting chocolate egg I can see in your hands! This week I was in Tesco supermarket and came across a dynamite egg weighing in at 650 grams. I thought I’d check out how many calories it had, so flipped the egg over and found out that it had over 475 calories per 100g of chocolate. So I reached for the calculator and worked out that the entire egg contains over 3000 calories, which is roughly my entire calorie intake for around two days. I think I’ll stick with a real egg for the protein value thanks!

Since starting on my fitness journey, I’ve made small gradual changes to my diet, rather than going “on a diet” as such. You don’t need a diet plan to lose weight, you just need to analyse what you currently eat and aim to get rid of the bad stuff in there. It’s actually not rocket science at all.

Yes, the Internet is full of all kinds of conflicting information and it’s hard as an overweight or obese person to know what’s right, what’s wrong, who to believe and trust. There are all these words floating around like carbs and protein and what one person recommends, another one writes off as nonsense. What’s important is that you do what’s right for you and when you’re ready. You’d be amazed at how often I hear people say “I wish I had your motivation”, “I wish I could lose weight” or “I’m trying to lose weight but don’t have the time”.

Excuses Don't Burn CaloriesThe thing that makes me shake my head and tut loudly, is the fact that these people who are moaning about not having time to eat properly or exercise are moaning about it on Facebook. Yes, they don’t have 15 minutes spare in their day to do a workout at home, yet they find an hour or two a day to put themselves into the Facebook world of nonsense. And it is nonsense. People sharing posts on what they eat, what songs they’re listening to and even a photo of their cuddly cat Tiddles. They even set up accounts for Tiddles too so he can share information on how many mice he’s been chasing today.

Well, these people do have time to exercise, of course they do. They are simply saying they much prefer to be sat reading nonsense on social media. Seriously, they don’t have time to eat healthy food, but have time to eat junk? That doesn’t even make sense, so don’t get me going on that. These are the kinds of people who say “well it’s got lettuce on it so it must be healthy!”

Stop with the excuses. The reason why they are not losing weight or exercising is because they simply do not want to deep down. If they did, they’d do something about it. You see, I can relate to this because I was that kind of person for many years…ok…most of my life in fact. I was the “I’d love to lose weight” kind of guy, but not the “I’m going to lose weight” kind of guy. I could have lost weight at any time if I’m honest.

Sure I was busy, I was running two media businesses and dealing with blaggers, backstabbers and bulls****ers day in day out. It was stressful, and in hindsight doing a bit of exercise would have helped ease the stress and improve my overall quality of life which frankly was quite poor. I would have found the time to get fit if I’d really wanted to, but I was the Facebook addict (without Tiddles the cat) who used all the excuses I now hear today, every day.

People ask about my motivation, and to be honest,  I don’t even “think” about exercising or eating well, I just do it because I know I have to. Yes, I have days where I’m down, have panic attacks and high anxiety and simply can’t be bothered to get off my backside. Seriously, there are days when I’m so low I want nothing other than peace and quiet and time on my own away from everybody and everything! But I don’t allow my mind the time to think about whether to bother working out or not. As soon as my mind starts questioning whether I can be bothered or not, I just jump up and do it.

It’s as simple as that! When my mind starts to think “should I / shouldn’t I workout today?” I literally stand up, put my fitness gear on and get straight into it.

MotivationIf I’m having a bad day, then the first few minutes will be the hardest because my mind will be on negative matters, but once I’m into the flow of things everything starts to improve. By the end of my workout when I’m sore from lifting weights and dripping with sweat I think about the benefits of doing what I just did. I know that I have potentially increased my life span and of course lost a small amount of weight. All that jumping around was genuinely beneficial in many ways.

Of course more than the obvious physical benefits such as weight loss, there’s the mental benefits too. After working out I feel much better about myself. I feel like an achiever, like somebody who is one step closer to their goal and proud of myself for what I’ve just achieved. An hour ago I may have felt low in mood, yet now I feel like I am more energised and focused on the other things I need to achieve today.

Whenever I’m feeling low in mood or motivation, I just think about my end goal and how I will look and feel once I’ve hit that goal. And it’s important to remember that this isn’t just about me reaching a specific weight goal such as 170lbs for example, it’s not just about the figure on the bathroom scales. It’s about how I look and feel most importantly.

What’s more important? Being a 170lb person who is unhappy with the way he looks and is miserable because his crash diet is affecting his moods? Or being a 190lb person who is taking longer to achieve his goals, yet he’s enjoying every moment of his fitness journey, eating reasonably well, doing exercises he loves and enjoying life?

Happy Easter… but keep your hands off those chocolate Easter eggs.

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