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Part 10: It’s About The Will Power!


I often get asked how to lose weight and to be honest there’s no totally accurate way of answering it really because it depends on you. It depends on what you want to achieve specifically, how you’d like to achieve it (running, swimming, weights etcetera), and by when.

It’s amazing how many people decide to get fit or lose weight and suddenly enrol at the gym. I say this because you don’t need the gym and you don’t need a diet plan. I’ll say that again…

You don’t need to enrol at the gym, nor do you need a diet plan!!!

Seriously! I have lost around 40 pounds of fat in five months by working out in my kitchen (ironically, the very room responsible for making me fat in the first place), and I have never created, read or tried a diet plan of any kind.

Many people don’t lose weight because they’re not serious enough about losing it. Saying “I’m too fat”, “I could do with losing some weight” or “I’m going on a diet soon” is useless unless you fully understand that you’ll need willpower and a high level of motivation to kick-start your fitness journey and stick to it!

If you genuinely want to lose weight, then you will. I strongly believe that. You have to get off your arse and do a workout when you’re feeling angry, down in the dumps, stressed out, miserable and only in the mood for being a couch potato. You can’t have an off day. If you have an off day and put your health and fitness plan on hold, then you’ll keep doing it every time you’re in a foul mood. Only illness should put things on a temporary hold.

I was really ill last week; I’d accidentally overdosed on supplements that were not adequately labelled by the company. You can read about The Day I Accidentally Overdosed here. I’ve found it extremely difficult these past 9 days since it happened because my mind has been saying “Chris, get working out, you can’t sit around… don’t lose the motivation”. Yet my body has been saying “Chris, take a rest big guy or you’ll end up in hospital, again”.  My mind and body are having a constant battle here!

It’s been tough because I’ve had a migraine every day since the overdose and felt quite unwell at times, usually around midday every single day. I’ve struggled to get an appointment with my doctor because they have a useless online appointments system. I finally have one booked for in five days, and when I’m there I fully intend on finding out if the headaches and light-headedness are linked to the overdose in any way.

I should point out that the overdose was accidental… I didn’t try to kill myself!  I simply mixed two types of supplements by company Forza; one a Raspberry Ketone and the other a popular T5 pre-workout energy pill. I had no idea that the two products could not be taken together because Forza (and the PR firm who sent these to me) had failed to inform me of this in advance.  Ok, they do tell you about this on their website, but that’s of little use to anybody who obtains the products in another manner such as eBay, Amazon or from PR firms who ship this stuff out to bloggers!

It’s been 9 days of headaches, dizziness and low mood but I have exercised a little just to keep my mind focused on my weight loss goals, but I didn’t over-do it. It’s consisted of basic exercise using my abs trainer that I got for Christmas but I’m ready for something more full on next week.

I haven’t gained any weight, so there’s some good news at least, and I clearly haven’t lost the motivation. I reckon I’ve got another 24 pounds to lose until I’m at the weight I’d be happy with, but being somebody who lifts weights I know it’ll take a while because the weight I lose in body fat tends to be going back on in muscle.  Thank god I’ve got the special scales that break down the composition of my body weight (into water, muscle, fat etc).

But to those of you who are considering registering at the gym or finding a special crash diet plan, my advice is don’t do it. Try some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that you can do at home for around half an hour a day. Yes it’s pretty full-on and you’ll sweat buckets and your legs will hurt the next day. So what! It’s not going to be easy, but you have to trust me… once you’ve started and you see a little weight dropping off, you’ll stick with it and see your fitness journey through right till the end.

Do not consider any kind of diet. Just take small steps to gradually change what you currently eat. If you’re a junk food addict, then it’ll do more harm than good changing every meal to salads, water, cereals and meal replacement shakes. Try eating more fruit even if it’s a bunch of grapes, and then when you feel like a coffee try a bottle of water. Cut out eating after 6 pm if you can and get a good night’s sleep. Seriously! Just little changes like that will kick-start your fitness journey really well.

I’ll bring you an update on my current weight, along with new images next week!  As always, keep you messages coming in because I love hearing from you on social media, by email and in the comments section below.

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