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Merry Christmas To You

Christmas Paper

It’s that time of year when the fat guy comes down your chimney again, but that fat guy is not me, which is a relief because I’m not good with heights. I had a panic attack just going up into the loft for the Christmas decorations.

This is just a quick message to let you know that I have been sent two batches of shakes, protein bars, snacks, energy drinks and supplements to try out over the Christmas and New Year period from health firms Herbalife and Forza. I’ve already tried one of two products and my immediate reaction is…… Deeeeeeelicious! I’m extremely impressed. I’ll do a full review of the Herbalife products next week and the Forza supplements early January.

In the meantime, I’d like to say thank you for visiting my new site and for supporting me in my fitness journey. I am extremely happy with how things are going; the weight continues to fall off and I’m now down to 13 stone 10 pounds (192lbs). Just four and a half months ago, I was 16 stone 7 pounds (231lbs) as you’ll recall from the article How I Changed My Life For The Better, the first part of my fitness story.

I recently started a new workout programme consisting of full body weights exercises! Boy, am I feeling it right now, but I am enjoying it and seeing my body sculpt into something much more muscular by the day.

I will bring you a brand new update to the story including a review of the Herbalife goodies in a few days, just after Christmas. In the meantime, please have a safe and happy Christmas from me sat here in my grotto at Lapland Gym… 🙂

Chris Brophy in Lapland

Chris Brophy in  pretend Photoshopped Lapland

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