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Part 27: Dressing to Impress & Progress This Month

Chris Brophy August 2017

I’m 13 months into my fitness and weight loss journey, and still enjoying it as much as I did last August when I decided to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. Although, the negative side is having to buy new clothes all the time because I’m shrinking. That sounds like a dream come true for some people; the serial clothes shoppers out there, but I’ve never been a man to be that bothered about fashion. Jeans have always been jeans and t-shirts were t-shirts to me. The £5 tee in Asda fits me the same as the £20 one in The Trafford Centre, and looks just as good.

But now that I’m in better shape, I’ve taken it all more seriously. Before, when I was at my heaviest I clearly didn’t care how I looked. I was just a fat man with a round face, crap goatee beard, gigantic stomach, chubby cheeks and no neck (as it was hiding behind several chins). I’m not joking.  Yes it sounds like I’m putting myself down doesn’t it, and I am, because I looked a mess let’s be honest. I was wearing 2XL clothing and had a fat man’s wobble. You know that side to side shuffle walk that could be likened to a penguin. But the new ‘medium’ sized Chris is here and my entire wardrobe has changed. Check out the video of me wearing my “fat clothes” in my recent post here where I celebrated one year of weight loss on my fitness journey.

I quite like shopping for clothes now. The selection is far greater because there’s more available in my size, plus I know I look better which in turn makes me feel better about myself. Now I can appreciate just how easy it is to feel good about yourself when you are in great shape and dress well.

Here are some images of a larger me:

*(c) 2014 Chris Bedwell Photography 

** (c) 2014 Chris Brophy

Chris Brophy suited up for a job interview 2015

Me suited up for a job interview 2015 *

Chris Brophy outside Big Ben in London for a photoshoot in 2014

Me outside Big Ben in London for a photoshoot in 2014 **

Chris Brophy in East London 2013

Me off Brick Lane, East London 2014 **

Chris Brophy in London on a photoshoot for the cover of my book 2014

Me in London on a photoshoot for the cover of my book 2014 **

I wasn’t going to publish those images, but actually by doing so it enables you and I to see how far I have come on this journey in the past year. It’s good to look back at old photos and think back to what my life was like when they were taken. The excess weight was causing me huge problems. My bed was breaking, so I had poor sleep. My sofa had a broken spring, so I couldn’t even sit comfortably in the evenings whilst watching a movie. In fact, my car seat isn’t straight either come to think of it. The spring behind in the lower left of my seat makes it slope down, so technically the left side of my body is further back and lower than my right.

I don’t think I handled stress very well then either. I suppose I don’t now either depending on the severity of it, but before I started to lose weight I would fly off the handle more. Weight wasn’t the cause of that; it was down to several things I was dealing with at the time. This includes recovering from a bad experience with a previous employer. You know, the sort where your superiors actually couldn’t care less about you, don’t do appraisals, don’t understand the business, don’t do pay rises and actually don’t care about the company at all due to their other higher paid commitments elsewhere.

I’ve also struggled to cope with the death of my daughter almost 11 years ago. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about her, what she would be like now, what we’d be doing together and what a gorgeous and talented woman she’d grow up to be. It’s something I’ve never coped with well nor discussed with anybody really. The psychologist I had for helping me through that was utterly useless and let me down on many occasions, so I’ve just had to deal with what happened in my own way and in my own time.

Chris Brophy suited

Chris Brophy suited and booted in 2017 **

These and many more ‘incidents’ over the past few years haven’t helped me at all. The depression was deep, my anxiety levels were high and panic attacks were regular. If you recall from my first blog post on here, back in 2006/7 my daughter died, my nan got cancer, I broke my foot and couldn’t walk, lost my job, became homeless and had a relationship breakdown all in the same month. How on earth I survived all that I’ll never know. Before that, I was a successful music producer with 11 number one records under my belt. I’d just returned from Hollywood and was about to record my 67th record. My radio show was aired on 75 stations around the world and pulling in 2.2 million listeners a month across every continent.  And then overnight things changed and all the horrific things mentioned above started to happen.

Fast forward to 2016, and I started to make changes that will bring me good luck, a healthy body and mind, a better physical look and greater career prospects. Something that is allowing me to stick two fingers up to the internet trolls that gave me hell a few years ago for no reason at all, other than because they could and didn’t think I’d be watching them type the vile, libellous abuse as it happened. Not responding did the trick though, because my life has improved considerably yet theirs has remained exactly the same.  Cheers guys!

Chris Brophy London Feb 2017

Me in London Feb 2017 *

And so, we’re in 2017 and I’m here happier than I’ve ever been having pulled myself through horrific events in my life. Happy, healthy, fit, slimmer, smiling and with some big career things happening in 2018 that I’ll tell you about here very soon.

So what progress have I made so far?

Here are the stats so far, taken in August 1st 2016 (before) and today September 1st 2017 (after)…

Body Weight: BEFORE 231 lbs (16 and a half stone!) – AFTER 180 lbs (12 stone 12 pounds)

Body Fat: BEFORE 17.1% – AFTER 14.6%

Visceral Fat Rating: BEFORE 19 – AFTER 12

Muscle Mass: BEFORE 130 lbs – AFTER 140.6 lbs

BMI: BEFORE 33.1 – AFTER 25.9

Neck: BEFORE 18.5 inches – AFTER 16 inches

Chest: BEFORE 44 inches – AFTER 39 inches

Waist: BEFORE 45 inches – AFTER 36 inches

Chris Brophy August 2016 and September 2017

Chris Brophy August 2016 and September 2017

I’m going to be completely honest with you here. In August, I actually dropped my weight down to 179 pounds, but gained a little weight when I went camping recently. This is due to bad eating and minimal exercise, but I’m pleased to say I spent last week fighting off that gained weight and I’m back to how I was pre-camping.

There have also been some days where due to some unexpected life emergencies shall we say, I didn’t exercise as planned. I went off the structured routine and did “any old exercise”. Ok you may say exercise is exercise, and in terms of overall health I suppose it is, but for weight loss and muscle gain you need a structured plan, and I’m pleased to say that is exactly what I have for September.

I lost most of my body fat when I was doing high intensity 15 minute workouts daily, a couple of months ago. In August, I started to double my workout length but I was taking it easy and not giving it 100% at times. Taking too many breaks, lying on the floor and just lifting dumbells any old way.  So now it’s September and I have 20 workouts, 1 for each weekday of the month to try out. Some of them I’ve already done before and they worked in terms of shedding fat. Some are new to me, but I know they’ll work as I’ve done a great deal of research and experts recommend it.

I am around 10 pounds of fat heavier than I want to be and once I’ve shifted that I can focus more on building muscle because I know I’m losing muscle too at the moment. I don’t want to mix up the whole fat loss / muscle gain thing and want to focus on one thing at at time. Once I’m skinny Chris, I can devote most of my attention towards “sculpting” my body whilst keeping my weight under control. I’m still having two protein shakes as “meal replacements” and one healthy solid meal for dinner. I’m used to this now and rarely feel the need to snack through having hunger pains.  I just need to stay focused and motivated by keeping my end goals in mind at all times.

Thanks for following my blog and please comment, like and share as you always do across the Internet and social media.  The journey continues!


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