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Part 29: When Things Get Challenging

It’s easy to see why so many people give up on their fitness plans during times of stress. When mood is low you have those “can’t be bothered” moments, which means exercise and a good diet goes out of the window, and if you leave it for more than a couple of days it’s extremely hard to get back into the swing of things. When things get challenging, it’s easy to lose focus.

I’ve had quite a challenging September for one reason or another and at times I’ve had those can’t be bothered moments myself, but I’ve just had to press on and exercise as best I could around everything that’s been going on. To make things worse, I did a street run a couple of weeks back and because I didn’t do a warm up or a cool down I ended up with a muscle injury. My upper right leg and buttocks have been killing me so I’ve been out of action for the last week or so. Well kind of… I’ve done upper body weights in my back room with dumb bells and a kettle bell.

I don’t even know why I did a street run because I hate running. As you’ll know if you’ve followed my story so far, I’m more into HIIT workouts as I find them more varied and interesting. With running you’re just pounding the pavement, but with high intensity interval training it changes day every say 30 seconds. I’m inpatient and easily bored, so a continuous jog bores the pants off me. And if you don’t enjoy the exercise you’re doing you’re more likely to quit and never get back into it nor reach your goals.

This is why I’ve always said that it’s important you choose a form of exercise that suits you. I’m not going to sit here on my comfy sofa preaching to you about HIIT training when MMA style training or weights or just a fast walk with the dog is more suitable. Of course you don’t know what suits you unless you try it. A year ago I didn’t imagine this 231 lb flabby beast of a man would be jumping around in his back room and doing weights five times a week, but here I am happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.

Chris Brophy September 2017I was looking through some old photos today… photos of me in my thirties and boy was I huge! It upsets and annoys me seeing them because I can’t believe I left it till I was 42 to take fitness so seriously. I spent the whole decade seriously obese. I worked all the time; running a radio station by day and my own music industry academy as a second job, plus I had a family of five to look after. There was no time for exercise in my life, and I hated the idea of eating anything remotely healthy. I loved junk food and pigging out on the sofa after a day’s work and wasn’t really bothered about changing my lifestyle because I was quite happy with it I suppose.

I look at those old photos and also see what could happen if I didn’t stick with my fitness plans. I would seriously hate to go back to roly poly Chris with the three chins… so in a way looking at these photos makes me stay on track as best I can. I say to myself “Chris if you quit now you’ll only end up looking like that….again!”

Like I said, I had a poor September on my fitness journey. In fact, August was also difficult. I had gained a couple of pounds that month but the good news is I lost it in September. So I’m technically the same as I was in July now. I’d usually lose 1 or 2 pounds a week; so anything up to 8 pounds a month. But because of my loss of focus in September I only managed a loss of around 2 pounds for the whole month.  I mean, fat loss is fat loss right, so I shouldn’t grumble, but it’s a poor achievement for me if I’m honest. So now, I’m back on form and stating here and now that I want to reach my ultimate weight loss goal by November. It means I’m going to push hard… harder than ever in October. I was 231 pounds and now I’m 181 pounds. My goal is 172, so I’m just 9 pounds away from celebrating achieving a total of 61 pounds of fat loss… that four stone in British weight terms.

In May I found a perfect fitness plan and stuck with it for two months before getting a little bored. Like I said before, I get bored easily so like changing things around, but that’s where the problems started for me; when I changed routine. Seriously, why would you change something when it’s clear that you’re seeing the benefits. I was shifting a good 7 pounds or so a month, so I was stupid to change it.

Chris Brophy August 16 and Sept 17The workout plan is back out and I’m back on it, but this time I’m going to push myself that little bit more. I’m off to London for 5 days next week for a music industry conference with the BBC and don’t intend on putting off my fitness plans whilst I’m there. I won’t be able to bring my weights, so I’ll be using my body weight instead. I might even use my suitcase as weights…who need kettle bells eh! Box jumps (or hotel bed jumps in my case) are also great as they build explosive power and leg strength. Skipping is also a good weight shredder, so I’ll get through 100 of them a day whilst I’m there. I’ll be on my feet walking around all day too, so my step count will be through the roof.

I’m looking forward to reporting on a much more positive outcome at the end of October, but in the meantime I’ll post some fitness pics on my Instagram account whilst I’m in London as proof that I’m back on form and not letting a little trip stop me from working towards my fitness goals.

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