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Part 30: 65,000 Steps Around London

I’ve just spent 5 days in London with the BBC for a music industry event and all I did was walk, walk, walk. In total, I took 65,000 steps over the course of that week. I had two days to kill before the event down near the O2 Arena so I went for long walks, avoiding the tube as much as possible.

Chris Brophy outside London ITV studiosI took the train to Westminster and walked past Big Ben, across to London Eye and along the river to ITV Studios where many of today’s biggest shows are filmed such as Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway And This Morning. After hovering around outside the studio for half an hour in the hope of sneaking on to live TV, I headed back towards Big Ben again. Poor Ben is looking a little worse for wear at the moment. He’s covered in scaffolding whilst urgent repair work is carried out over the next few years. Usually, you can hear Big Ben’s ear piercing chimes a good mile away even amongst the noise of London traffic, but sadly he won’t bong away for at least four years.

Boring fact of the day: Big Ben is not the name of the clock. It’s actually the name of the bell inside the tower!

And if I’ve not bored you to death, let’s continue…

I had a long walk up to Victoria Station for no reason whatsoever other than for exercise. I then continued to walk along Parliament Street past Downing Street towards Trafalgar Square and then along to Buckingham Palace where sadly the Queen was not prepared to award me with an OBE. To be fair, I didn’t even ask as I couldn’t find her doorbell.

Big Ben’s facelift

Big Ben’s facelift

It was a beautiful day and there were thousands of tourists including American TV host Ricki Lake who was with her friends doing a spot of sight-seeing. Tourists everywhere, traffic everywhere and police with machine guns prepared to shoot the face of anybody like me who wants to sneak in and have a look around Liz and Phil’s garden.

It was now 6pm, and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast time, so was desperate to get something inside me before I passed out. I headed back up the Mall towards Trafalgar Square again and along to Piccadilly Circus. I didn’t want to pay stupid prices for a posh meal; all I wanted was a quick fix of fast-food. I was surprised that there weren’t any supermarkets close by where I could pick up a wrap… just pricey restaurants and Jamie Oliver’s diner. But hang on, is that a McDonalds I see over there? Yep good old Ronald McDonald and his mate Hamburglar came to the rescue with his chicken wraps and boy did I enjoy those. Ok it isn’t the usual kind of food I’d eat, but it did have lettuce so it was healthy right?

Chris Brophy not getting his OBE

Chris Brophy not getting his OBE

My phone battery was now dead because I’d used it all up doing video and FaceTime messages. I was desperate to get on my three tube trains back to the hotel before 8pm so I could charge my phone up and FaceTime the kids before they went to bed. Thankfully, I arrived back with just minutes to spare, but my legs were killing me no thanks to the 17,000 steps I took that day. For the four days that followed, I walked around London’s ExCel centre round and around, up and down stairs and notching up 65,000 steps according to my Apple Watch.

Despite all the walking around, and a small amount of hotel room exercise such as sit ups, press ups and squats I didn’t lose any weight at all. I think it’s because my diet had changed that week and it was mostly ‘convenience’ food. I’m used to having healthy shakes at home and one really healthy “solid” meal a day around 5pm, so walking around a conference centre all day and not eating my usual meals at the usual times has had a negative effect on my weight loss progress. I’ve hovered around the 181 lbs mark for well over a month now for reasons explained here and in my previous post.

I’m back from London now and hitting this fitness plan hard again…very hard in fact. I’ve realised that if I work extra hard from here-on that I should reach my weight loss goal of 172 lbs by early December. It’s going to be tough, but I feel like I’ve been on this weight loss journey for years…so I’m keen to hit that goal as soon as possible in case my motivation levels drop considerably.

Chris Brophy BBC Introducing

Chris Brophy BBC Introducing

Of course, the journey doesn’t end once I hit my target. I’ll be focusing more on getting toned and staying at a healthy weight from there on. I’ve come so far on this journey that I’m not prepared to quit now. I’ve seen some amazing results and yes there have been ‘static’ periods too but I expected that to happen. Weight loss is never steady shall we say. There are always going to be periods where everything is going great, and then for whatever reason things come to a temporary stand-still. Who cares if you had a slice of birthday cake this week or ate a Big Mac. You only need to worry if you eat Big Mac’s every day! Remember this, your fitness / weight-loss journey has to be enjoyable or you’ll simply quit and go back to your old ways. Don’t stop yourself from having occasional treats!

I’ve lost around 52 pounds so far and I’m only around 9 pounds away from my target, so I have to stay focused and work harder than ever in order to achieve my goal before the end of the year. It’s hard work, mentally challenging at times and difficult to stay motivated, but I really do enjoy seeing the results when I weigh and measure myself every STAT-urday.

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