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Part 32: My 80 Day Obession Begins… Almost

Beachbody on Demand 80 Day Obsession

I should start off by saying that I announced a couple of weeks ago that I would be stopping writing on this blog. However, a few things have changed for me and I’m now back in the game as they say and able to re-commence blogging again… this time about my brand new workout called 80 Day Obsession.

The thing is, this amazing new workout (and it really is amazing, trust me) has caused the Internet to go a little crazy yesterday. Around 3pm pacific time, which is 11pm to us lot over here on cold British soil the website for Beachbody (who make 80D.O) went slightly tits-up as we say.

I logged on to do my workout at 1:30pm today, but nope Beachbody decided it was time to have a lie down and let the servers have a long overdue rest.  80D.O has to be one of their biggest workouts yet, and this time it’s not on DVD like Focus T25 was; my very first workout I did with Beachbody in August 16.  80 Day Obsession is an on-demand workout which means you have to log-in and view the workout recordings. Sounds good eh! No DVD’s… just log in and watch away!  Well not really no because the Beachbody website has gone crazy. Web coding errors on the log in form of all places is preventing everybody from around the world from logging in and doing their workout.

To some, this may be a good thing; they’re busy, over-worked, too tired….excuse after excuse. But me…well, I’m a little p****d off because I carefully scheduled my workout today around my other commitments (2 kids to take to school and 1 who is sick at home!)…and around the carefully planned meal times too.

You see this programme is about eating at set times, five times a day…yes five meals a day. I had to reschedule today’s fitness plan because of a meeting at school, so today I planned to have meals 1, 2 and 3 at 7am, 10am and 1pm (which I did) followed by a workout at 1:30pm which didn’t happen. This would be followed by further healthy meals at 4:30pm and 7:30pm.  So today, although I ate extremely healthily, the workout didn’t happen. Sure I could just do my own thing, but I don’t want to. I want to make sure I’m doing the right kind of workout on the right day at the right time.

Beachbody’s website behaving the way it is has today has set me back a lot and I’m really disappointed. Because I was looking forward to Day 3 of the workout.

Day’s 1 and 2 were incredible. Both 60 minutes long, which is double what I’m used to. But with the healthy eating and over 500 calories being burnt off my roly poly-ish belly every day I know I’m going to feel the benefit very soon indeed. In fact, the guy who introduced me to this is my mate Chris Bedwell who lives down south. It was Chris who suggested we did Focus T25 together (in a cyber kind of way as he lives in London and I’m 200 miles up north in Manchester). We motivated each other the entire time and it felt great being part of this virtual fitness class with my mate. Chris and I both performed really well on that and I lost a ton of weight… over 50 lbs. He started 80 Day Obsession a week before me and lost 4 pounds of fat last week! Incredible. What an achievement. So, if I want to be able to strip off and show some British Beef when I’m on holiday in a few months, I need to tone up a bit and shred some blubber.

80DO is exactly what I’ve been looking for (if you ignore the fact the creators have a broken website this very minute!) It gives me structure; shows me what to do, when, how to do it and more importantly what to eat and when. It’s not as strict as you may think. What I mean is, they havent provided us with a load of recipes for boring meals that comprise of one potato and a stick of celery. They tell you how many meals to have and what “category” of foods you should be eating per meal. You then use these tiny food boxes to separate the foods so that you can plan ahead and get the portion sizes right.

My food containers, slides and bands needed for 80 Day Obsession

My food containers, slides and bands needed for 80 Day Obsession

The green box is for veggies, red for proteins such as fish and meats, yellow for carbs like bread, rice and pasta, purple for fruit, blue for healthy fats like cheese, and an orange one for seeds. There’s a list of example foods on the Beachbody website so you can pick foods from each category to make your own meal up. This is great because I couldn’t bear to eat what others tell me. I have to be the one to make those decisions. So I choose a vegetable, a meat and so on.

Portions are extremely small, but it doesn’t matter because I’m eating five very healthy meals a day remember.

The documentation for this workout comes with some Einstein style equation for working out what your daily calorie intake should be. Mine at the moment is 1863 per day. As my weight drops over the next few weeks, that figure will drop also. I am going to readjust it as I enter Phase 2 of 80DO in around 4 weeks time.

Even though I’m only on day three of this programme, I can feel the difference in my body and in my mind too. I’m now eating exactly what I should be eating for the first time in my life and getting all the right nutrients. So I’m getting all the right food pre-workout to give me energy and I’m eating enough protein afterwards to repair and maintain muscle…. and all the other stuff that make you live and breathe healthily! I am feeling more energised and focused on the day’s tasks also.

UPDATE: The Beachbody website is now back up, so I’ll be doing a 6pm workout now (*sighs!)

UPDATE 2: Actually, the website WAS back up, so I went upstairs to get changed, but when I returned the site was down again. So folks, the workout is good but only when Beachbody actually allow you to access the service you’re paying for.

UPDATE 3: the site was accessible using Google Chrome, so I logged-in and completed the workout with success.

In my next blog post this weekend, I will give you an update on how much weight I’ve lost, how days 1-7 went on 80 Days Obsession along with progress images and a list of the foods I ate. I’m feeling really positive about this one.

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