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Part 35: Days 8-14 of 80 Day Obsession

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So here I am at the end of week two having just complete days 8-14 of 80 Day Obsession. It’s a brand new workout just launched on Beachbody on Demand; a service that streams a number of workouts to your computer or portable device. In part 32 and part 33, I talked about the workout exercises and diet plan in great detail including the nightmares I had with the service at the start. Thankfully, Beachbody pulled their finger out and got the Gremlin out of their system.

In part 34 I revealed the results from my first week of working out on this new plan and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a tough week, but I was fully engaged and ensured I stuck to each element of the plan. I dropped a few pounds in weight overall and lost at least 1% of body fat. What I was impressed about the most was how good it made me feel. I was more alert, thinking clearer and feeling more positive and motivated.

I found this week’s workout to be much easier than last week’s. The reps were increased and so were my weights. I added an extra kilogram to the dumbbells, but could have added more I felt. But what’s important is that I pushed myself further than last week. You’re not going to make progress and see the results you’re after if you don’t challenge yourself each week, and that’s why I push harder, increase weight and focus on my form each time.

Chris Brophy - February 2018

Chris Brophy – February 2018

The workouts themselves were almost the same as last week, but increased in number of reps. Thankfully, the videos were different than the previous week, unlike Focus T25 which were the same 6 videos repeated week after week for around ten weeks. I do find the 80 Day Obsession videos to be slightly too chatty. I mentioned in my previous post that I prefer the instructor to get straight in there and keep it all about the exercise currently being performed. With 80DO, there’s far too much waffle, in-talk and sniggering between the instructor Autumn Calabrese and her cast, which I personally find annoying. With that said, she is good at what she does, knows her stuff and is making some amazing changes to my body and life.

So, this week I kept my diet the same. I mean, why change something if it’s working eh. For breakfast, usually around 7:30-8am depending on when I get my lazy backside out of bed, I had two fried eggs with a couple of cherry tomatoes and either a banana or orange. To drink, I have my first cup of tea of the day and for the first time in my life didn’t include sugar or semi-skimmed milk… I opted for soya milk which has a sweet taste to it hence why I didn’t see the need for adding any sweetener.

Sometime between 10:30am and 11am I have my early lunch which is usually a sandwich of some kind; say pork, chicken or ham with lettuce, cherry tomatoes and onions.

Around 1pm to 1:30pm I had what you’d call the main meal of the day, so it would be something like:

  •  🐟 Cod with new potatoes and broccoli.
  • 🍗 Cheesey choritzo and chicken
  • 🍖 Pork stir fry with black bean sauce
  • And a small portion of fruit
Cheesey Chicken and Chorizo being cooked with spinach in the pan

Cheesey Chicken and Chorizo being cooked with spinach in the pan

Then it’s time for a pre-workout meal around 4pm which for me is a shake! So I throw in a banana, some vanilla protein powder (or chocolate or strawberry depending on what I fancy that day), along with a scoop or two of fat-free greek-style yoghurt, a small amount of oats and then fill to the line with coconut water/milk. Gorgeous!

I will workout an hour later and then around 6:30 – 7pm will have my fifth and final meal of the day, which is usually steak with broccoli and asparagus, or healthy burgers with the same veg.

It’s a great diet of food I absolutely love, so there is no need to think that diets need to be about eating boring food. I eat all of things I love but I’m careful with food times and of course the food portions. The portion control boxes enable me to ensure I’m eating the right amount of proteins, carbs, healthy fats etc when it’s meal time.

As for weight loss this week… well… I’m trying not to reveal too much just yet as I’m not at the end of phase 1.  80DO is broken down in to 3 phases each one being 4 weeks in duration. I’m 2 weeks in so I’m not ready to reveal the exact results just yet for another couple of weeks, but when I do you’ll see a complete breakdown of fat loss, muscle gain, inches lost off chest and waist etc and of course progress images. The transformation so far though is amazing. My shoulders are more toned and I don’t have that bloated circle above my belly (just below the man boobs!) The fat loss scales are showing a reduction in body fat which now puts me in the “healthy” category, although personally I see more “visceral fat” than I’d like to.

The fitness journey continues and next week is week three of 80 Day Obsession. It is by far the best workout I’ve ever done, with Focus T25 a close second. I am doing workouts that I love which keep me focused and motivated and I’m eating foods I really enjoy. Effortless to make and in no-time too.  I’m looking forward to revealing the results at the end of phase 1 (in 2 weeks time) and I’m positive that the transformation by the end of phase 3 will be incredible.

Anybody thinking about losing weight needs to take a look at Beachbody on Demand. This week, my free trial expired and I started to pay £30-ish for 3 months. I’ve got access to 80 Day Obsession and hundreds of other workouts of varied levels.

Beachbody on Demand

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