My Fitness Journey

Part 37: Celebrating Four Stone of Weightloss

Chris Brophy celebrates losing four stone

I’m pleased to say that after 18 months on my fitness journey I have lost a total of four stone (56 lbs/25 kgs). It’s not my end goal though, in fact I’ve got around five more pounds to shift before I hit my target. But four stone of weightloss is a great milestone to hit on this long journey. Time to celebrate.

This time next week will be the end of “phase 2” of my current workout “80 Day Obsession”. This means it’s time to reveal my weightloss stats and progress images also. So… no topless photos yet folks! You’ll be amazed by the progress I’ve made, especially in the past 4 weeks since the end of phase 1, and of course since I started the programme 7 weeks ago. I feel better, more energized and look thinner yet more toned in areas like around the shoulders. That bloated area between the man boobs and belly has gone now…thank god. I’ve looked nine months pregnant for the past ten years! Look out for that update next Sunday 🙂

Starting a new workout is difficult. Sticking with it and staying motivated feels impossible at times. I don’t know how I do it to be honest. One of the biggest compliments I receive (other than about how well I’m looking….thanks) is to do with how motivated I am. The truth is, there are days when I am in a horrendous mood and can’t be bothered doing a thing. However, I don’t give myself long enough to ponder over this, so I simply get up and get my workout done.

The longer you sit there thinking “should I, shouldn’t I”, the greater the chance of quitting.

If it wasn’t for being so committed to hitting my target, I’d have given up a long time ago. It’s not easy having to stick to the same old fitness plan day in day out, seeing the same old fitness trainer and eating the same old healthy food. Especially when you see a packet of Jaffa cakes in the cupboard every morning, demanding to be eaten.

You have to keep your eye on the end goal at all times. If you find yourself slipping into ‘cant be bothered’ mode, then remind yourself of why you’re doing this. Is it to shred X% of body fat or to gain Xlbs of muscle? Maybe it’s to lose a bit of weight before a wedding or holiday. Whatever the reason, keep it in mind at all times and you’ll reach your target eventually. I say eventually because I don’t want to give the impression this fitness journey is going to be easy and produce results overnight. Quite the opposite in fact. It’ll take many months of consistent hard work; working out when you’re in terrible moods, aching all over and with little energy and a ton of stress. It’s a long journey, but with a realistic goal and bags of motivation, you’ll achieve great things that’ll transform your life.


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