My Fitness Journey

Part 17: Returning From Holiday

Yorkshire Sunset

I’ve just returned from a short break over on the east coast, and it was much-needed I have to say. A holiday isn’t a holiday unless you over indulge in the kind of foods you wouldn’t normally touch at home. Some people would probably stay with their fitness plan; drinking water, working out every day and eating healthy food just like they do at home, but not me, oh no that’s plain boring.

Yes I’m still on my weight loss journey, and I’m keen to lose more weight, but I’m not so obsessed with weight loss that I am strict in terms of what I eat or when I eat it.  What I mean is that whilst I’m at home I will stick with a plan, but this is a holiday; it’s an opportunity to break away from the norm and do things differently. Even if I’ve gained a pound or two… so what! This is my first holiday in two years and I’m going to enjoy it, I said to myself!

Don’t become so obsessed with fitness that you forget to enjoy yourself. Lose the enjoyment = lose the motivation = gain the weight!

I have extremely high levels of motivation, so it’s easy for me to slip away from my plan for 5 days and get right back into it upon my return, whereas other people would find that almost impossible. I took my kettlebell weights away with me so that I could continue to workout from my holiday home in East Yorkshire. You see, even though I may be on holiday over-indulging in watered down beer and over-priced food doesn’t mean I can’t shake off the flab with a workout when I have a moment. I’m sure I’ve lost a few pounds by dancing to trashy kids pop music at the on-site disco. Hopefully, no videos of that will surface on YouTube!

Idiot Cyclist in the Sun

Idiot Cyclist in the Sun

The weather this week has only been around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but despite this, I managed to get sunstroke and it feels bad. Such a typical Brit… the sun comes out and hey we throw ourselves into the rays without a splash of sun cream on.

That’s bad enough for anybody with hair, but for Kojak lookalikes such as me this can be fatal. Thank god I wasn’t cycling in the sun, like this idiot did here on the left!



My Holiday Home in East Yorkshire

Chris Brophy's Holiday Home in Yorkshire

Well, I can’t sit staring at pictures of my gorgeous holiday home any longer. I’m back home and raring to get back into another workout. I am about to start a brand new workout on Monday, which involves working out for just 15 minutes a day! That’s right, I’m going to shred a ton of weight and gain amazing muscle in just four weeks by working out for only 15 minutes.

I’ll show you how I’m getting along each week like I always do so that you can try this too if you’re trying to shift weight. Remember, everything I do is done from home. No gym memberships and no crazy diets. I see changes in my body shape every week, but I need to shift this up a notch and try harder in order to see the results I’m aiming for by summer.

I’m really grateful for all the supportive messages I’ve been receiving this week by the way. A lot of people praising me on my high levels of motivation. Seriously, losing weight is much more than just eating well and exercising. Most of it is down to how motivated you must be throughout your journey. You have to spend less time “thinking” about whether to work out or not, and just do it. I can’t work any other way.

Yes, of course there are days when I’m not in the mood for working out… lots of days in fact, but I think about how good I’ll feel after I’ve busted a few moves with my shorts on! I think of my goals and why I’m doing this in the first place. You see, I have this image in my head of how I want to look, how I want to feel and when by. And it’s that which keeps me going.

So I am hugely excited to start the next phase of my fitness journey in a couple of days, but in the meantime, I’m going to stare at this photo of a beach I was at yesterday…ahh….. and….relax…

Chris Brophy relaxing in Cayton Bay, Yorkshire

Chris Brophy relaxing in Cayton Bay, East Yorkshire

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