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Forza Health Supplements

Forza Supplements was established in 2007 and they were the sole manufacturer and supplier of its pioneering T5 formula. You may know T5’s as being those super powerful weight-loss pills which I bought off Amazon some time ago and were extremely beneficial to me at the start of my weight loss journey. Forza has since expanded their range of weight loss, beauty, wellbeing and sports nutrition products and I was lucky to sample some of their goodies last week.

I was excited to try to out all of their products but was cautious about taking the products all at the same time in case I … well…died! Some of them are fairly powerful intended to boost your sports performance, so too many can have you bouncing off the walls or have the most fatal of outcomes. So as keen as I was, it was important to take it steady and consume over a number of weeks.

In the package were T5, T6, Raspberry K2 and Slenderbind capsules, along with some Shake It Slim milkshakes.  Now at the time of writing this, I haven’t sampled the T5, T6 and Ketones, that’s in the pipeline for next week, but I did try the shakes and Slenderbind.

Shake It Slim Meal Replacement Shakes

Forza Shake It Slim

Forza Shake It Slim Starter Pack from

I want to start off by talking about the packaging. It is clear to me that this was a starter pack, and that it contained 14 shakes (7 days worth) of varied flavours; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.  The branding is really good; love the Forza logo, colours, fonts and the images of the shakes themselves really do want you to bust open the pack and make a shake right away. And that my friends, is exactly what I did. I began with a strawberry shake for breakfast and was pleased to read that you mix the powder with water, not milk. This meant that Mrs B didn’t give me ear ache for using all of ‘her’ milk in the fridge.  So, powder and water it was!

I had my second shake of the day at lunchtime and I kept this up throughout the whole of the week last week. It was tough because I’ve never replaced two meals a day before, only one, but I didn’t feel hungry in the slightest if I’m honest. All three flavours of shakes are incredibly delicious and I’d probably go as far as saying that Forza Shake It Slim shakes are the best shakes I’ve ever tasted. You really do feel like it’s real chocolate or strawberries and considering I used water; it doesn’t feel watered down at all. I can only compare this to the thick tasting shakes you’d get at McDonalds for example. So in terms of flavour…. wow! I wasn’t disappointed.

Forza Shake It Slim

Forza Shake It Slim

However, in terms of price they are expensive. This starter pack retails for £19.99 which equates to £1.43 per shake. Cheap if you look at it like that, but Tesco on the other hand, sell a box of 10 of their own branded shakes for jut £4.00, and the nutritional values on both products are near-identical. I’m not the kind of person to be bothered about .2 of a calorie here or .2 of sugar there, so there’s not much in it between them. If the nutritional differences were greater, then it may justify the high price point, but for me, it’s a no-brainer when you have two similar products yet there’s a £16 price difference. (Yes, you do get four more in the Forza pack to be fair!)

Nutritional Information
Forza Tesco
Energy 204kcal 202kcal
Fat 3.0g 3.3g
of which saturates 0.8g 0.8g
Carbohydrate 25.8g 25.7g
of which sugars 24.3g 24.5g
Fibre 1.7g 5.0g
Protein 16.8g 14.9g
Salt 1.1g 0.6g
Price £19.99 for 14 £4.00 for 10



Slenderbind weight loss pills, bind up to 60 times its own weight in fat”.

That’s a good selling point and it got my attention for sure. This is one of the other products I was especially keen to try as I liked how it worked. The graphic on the back of the box explained it in easy terms for me to understand.

Forza Slenderbind

Forza Slenderbind Front of Box

Forza Slenderbind

Forza Slenderbind Back of Box
















Forza Slenderbind contains Lipomyl, which is a plant-based substance that acts as a natural magnet, binding with dietary fats and cholesterol as they enter the stomach. This interaction helps to form indigestible fat clusters which protect the bound fats from lipase enzymes, meaning that they cannot be broken down and absorbed by the body. When the fat clusters enter the small intestine, they are too large to be absorbed and can continue passing through the body without entering the metabolic cycle.

This means that in theory that the body will experience a reduction in calorie intake from fats.

They cost £12.99 for a 5 day supply, which means that at almost £52 for a one month supply this also is very expensive, especially for a product that doesn’t work, or at least it didn’t for me. I ate well all week, in fact, I had two of Forza’s shakes every day and had reasonable dinners such as chicken salad and fish & chips (not battered fish – white fish, haddock, and the chips were air-fried!) So honestly, I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t lose a single pound this week and why instead I gained a pound and daily headaches!

So whilst the idea behind Slenderbind seems pretty good, it doesn’t work for everyone as my research on Amazon’s review system proves. I am disappointed because I had high hopes for this one!

In terms of exercise, I didn’t feel like I performed as well this week. Yes, I worked hard and yes I sweat like a chicken! A chicken I hear you ask? Well, a few years ago, Mrs B said to me that she was “sweating like a chicken”, so I pointed out that chickens don’t sweat. She responded by saying “well they do when they’re in the oven!” … (* rolls eyes!)

I do feel like I’ve lost “fat” but once again feel like I’ve gained it in “muscle”, so the scales haven’t been showing great results this week, but hey, I don’t rely on them as much now. It’s how I look and feel that matters, although the doctor may be quick to highlight that my BMI shows I’m still overweight. Well, Doctor Doolittle, I’ve lost nearly 3 stone in 5 months my friend, and my aim is to be at my best by early Spring!

UPDATE (21/01/17): I have just received emergency hospital treatment having overdosed on some Forza products. Before taking any supplements, please read this article about the Day I Accidentally Overdosed.

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